Support for Our Sales Representatives

Thank you for considering a sales representative position with ELC Designs Group. We would like to provide you with our company culture and the values we and our sales reps share in helping our customers excel.

Open Sales Analysis Communication

Our sales analysis and territory information is available to our sales team in order to help them reach new clients, service existing customers and track market trends throughout their sales territory. We want you to have the tools and opportunities to grow your customer base both vertically and horizontally.

Feedback from our Sales Team

We welcome feedback from our sales team. We know that you have built close relationships with your customers and understand their needs. You know the challenges they face every day and how ELC Designs Group can help support them to succeed. 

Feedback Guides Our New Product Lines

Our design team follows trends and creates new and exciting lines to compliment current great sellers, but they are not a stand-alone entity.  As a team member, your input will help guide the company to create great new products for your customers.

Complementary Lines for More Sales

We create our lines so you can pull complementary products from these various lines,  allowing you to create customized “super” lines for your individual customers.

Back-Office Sales Support

We believe in Speed and Accuracy

Many of the ELC group spent years in the promotional business and know that without a quick turnaround with accurate quotations sales opportunities are lost.  Our back-office sales support is set up to process your requests quickly.

Whether it is a custom box you need quoted for a supplier, pre-ticketing or a unique hang tag for a program, we will get you the information your customer needs so that you can close the sale.

With over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing side of home décor and giftware our back-office support will also anticipate follow up questions that may come from your customers and pre-emptively prepare those answers for our sales team members.

Vendor Compliance Support

We have produced for small, mid and the largest chain stores and are familiar with the vendor compliance, routing guides, and logistics manuals that will be presented to you.  Our company understands on time delivery is essential to your customers and your future business with those customers.

With ELC you can be sure you will receive the support you need to make the sale.

What about all those Customer Quote Sheets?

You are not alone in feeling you do not understand how to complete the complex paperwork required to present a quote to your customer.  Our back-office support will assist with your quotations and any specification follow-up that is needed.  We want our sales team out there selling, not bottlenecked having to do everything themselves.

Sales Commission Structure

Our sales commission structure encourages and rewards sales representatives who use the resources our company makes available.  Commissions to our sales team members are  based on paid sales.

What do we ask in return from our sales representatives?

To be a member of our Sales Team you must advocate that our top products are introduced to great retailers.

Our team is confident that we have the best insight on trends, merchandising and are an amazing resource for our buyers. We have expert knowledge on all our product lines and help our buyers by pointing them in the right direction on product and space allocation ideas.

We pride ourselves on bringing buyers top selling products that turn quickly and have great margins. We partner with our retailers, visit their stores and consult on products and programs that always put our and your best foot forward!

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