Diane Fournier – Maine and New Hamsphire Sales Rep

We are delighted to introduce Diane Fouriner as ELC Designs Group's Sales Representative for Maine and New Hampshire.

She has been a sales rep for 36 years and knows the types of products that will drive both local shoppers and tourists to her customers’ stores.

Cares about Her Customers

Diane works with retailers from the coast to lake shops and garden centers.  She takes the time to understand the trends and individual needs of each store.  

Diane will help you put together an amazing product mix for your store.

Great Insights on Maine and New Hampshire from Diane

"Having covered Maine & New Hampshire as long as this - I definitely know why visitors from around the world come to vacation in The Northeast United States.

This area is surrounded by beauty which I see both when working or if I am with family. I love spending time with my three adult children and six grandchildren; they bring me joy above measure!"

We are very excited to have Diane a part of the ELC Designs Group team.

Contact Diane Fournier

If you in Maine or New Hampshire and would like to add the ELC Designs Group product line to your store, please contact Diane at:

Diane Fournier
Email: yourmainerep@gmail.com