How Can a Wholesale Home Decor Supplier Increase Retailers’ Profits?

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When it comes to designing new product lines a wholesale home decor supplier has a responsibility to its focus on a retailer's needs.

Too often suppliers are driven by management to “design for the numbers”. 

Artists are required to create X number of items in X number of days.  Rush, rush, rush without keeping their retail partners profitability and long-term success in mind.  

Common signs of this management style:

  • An SKU style that is duplicated again and again in style and just a one-word change.
  • A popular saying used over and over on every new color scheme even when it is not relevant to the art.
  • A disconnect from industry trends in color or materials where 90% of the new product line uses the same material because the line had sold previously.
  • A company unwilling to listen to its customers’ suggestions because “what worked in the past will work in the future”.
  • Salespeople complaining to you, the buyer, about how the art department never tells them anything.
Prevision Sales

We asked our National Sales Manager, Michelle DeBlasio (a former buyer for various retail chains) to tell us four key areas a wholesale home decor supplier should concentrate on to increase a retailer’s profits.

  • Design a product line that can stand on its own
  • Product lines should be able to be cross sold
  • Follow industry trends for colors, but be willing to test to new ideas
  • Package with a store’s distribution needs in mind
  • Deliver products on time and correctly according to routing guides
Mermaid Gifts

Home Décor Lines That Stand on Their Own

We create our product lines so our retail partners can design end caps, towers and shelf space with our themes and to encourage their customers to purchase multiple products from a line to decorate a room or to add accent pieces to existing home décor. 

These multiple purchases will increase the per customer spending retailers are always searching for.  An example of this is our upcoming mermaid home décor line which will include

  • Mermaid Wall Art
  • Table top pieces
  • Hanging Signs
  • Accent Pillows that will look great on the couch
  • And many more items…

Home Decor Lines That Cross Sell

Mermaid Decor
Coastal Decor Turtle

By watching industry trends we create product lines that work well together.  A small tower display for one line can become a multiple tower experience for the a store’s customer and drive up their overall purchases.

 The mermaid home decor line mentioned above shares similarities in style and material with our coastal home decor and nautical lines.  A single line with one or two purchases from our retail partners grows into a home décor destination with multiple purchases for several rooms in the house.

Follow Industry Trends but Allow For Creativity


Popular colors, materials and styles are important and your line needs to incorporate these elements into the design. Trends also evolve over time and your lines will change with them.


Leave some place in the season’s product lines for some testing. These pieces should be able to tie in with the core products but they could be the start of a whole new line or direction that takes the market by storm.

Don’t Forget About Case Quantities

Cardboard Box

Our reps have told us one of the biggest challenges a one location store faces (as do multi-chain retailers) is related to case quantities.

  • Very few stores are going to be able to buy the large case quantities many wholesalers carry. 
  • They need to breakdown the case at their distribution center for individual stores.
  • They are forced to buy the smaller minimum sales quantity at higher prices.
  • New line “tests” are given up on because of higher quantities or prices.

Our belief is "Why not just get rid of the multi-tier quantities and instead design case packs that are buyer/retailer friendly?"

Stop forcing retailers to have to  break apart large cases to distribute to stores.

Allow a buyer to “test” a new line to see if it fits with their store.

On Time Delivery

On Time Delivery

Preselling our lines makes sure those that ordered receive their products on time.  We understand owners and buyers both base purchases on shelf space. 

Empty spaces because your wholesale supplier either sold your order to someone else or just decided to not order it and never tell you is NOT how business should be done.

ELC Designs staff have been serving the giftware and home décor industry on average over 20 years, many as former buyers.  We completely understand the importance of timelines and correct deliveries.


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