Is Your Retail Store Website Scaring Away Customers?

Is Your Retail Store Website Scaring away customers?

Your retail store website is telling your customers to "go away" unless you are using a critical security component available from a web hosting company.

How to Check Your Website

Type in your website address and look at the address bar.  Do you see an “https://” at the beginning of the address? 

If Your Site Is Protected

If you do your site is protected and now be sure you are maximizing your seagrch results with Google My Business.

Your Website Isn't Protected  

If you don’t, you are potentially losing customers that are receiving a warning from the search engine that your site is not safe.  You may not see it because of the “caching” (your computer remembering a site to save on load times) from your own computer, but it is there, telling your potential customers to not visit this site. 

It’s the equivalent of putting a sign in your store that says “Potential Scammer Inside”.

Further hurting your sales is that without that “https://”, Google and other search engines are de-ranking your site.  If a nearby competitor has the “https://” the search engine may rank them higher than your store, even if they are searching for you.

An SSL Certificate To Protect Your Retail Store Website

How do you solve this problem and make sure customers feel good when they search for you? 

Buy an SSL certificate from your website hosting company.  I recommend using the installation and monitoring service if they offer it. It will save you hours of installation headache. We use GoDaddy to host our site and they handled it all for us.

Your SSL as a critical part of your store’s online marketing efforts to drive customers to your site and store.

Once You're Set Up, It's Time to Stock the Shelves

30216 - Black Bear Sign
30114 - Buffalo Check Christmas

Once you have your SSL Certificate installed and set up Google My Business, it's time to make sure your shelves will be full of trending home decor products.

How ELC Designs Group Supports Our Retail Partners

20092 - Americana Signs

ELC Designs Group's mission is to bring new and exciting designs to our customers.  

All aspects of our business -  design, photography and on time order delivery, are key to us providing the highest quality in the industry to our clients. 

 We create amazing products in a variety of trending themes:

20178 - Retro Christmas Sign

Looking to Increase Store Profits?

Get access to our online store and catalog full of trending home decor designs.

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