Use Google My Business to Increase Store Foot Traffic

Use Google My Business to Increase Store Foot Traffic

What if I told you there was free method to increase store foot traffic in only 7 minutes?

Have you ever searched for a particular store and then noticed a list of competitors on the side of the Google Search results (usually with a map showing how close they are to you)?

Wondered why your store doesn’t show up on Google Maps but competitors do?

The answer is the free resource “Google My Business”.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool that you can use to drive more traffic to your store, website, promotional events etc.  The link to this tool is

You can fill out the basic form and site requirements in less than 7 minutes.  This will start the validation process that lets your store appear in more Google searches and on Google Maps.

More visibility, as you know, drives more customers to your store.

If you are looking for a more in-depth walkthrough, Hubspot has a great blog post on this link -

Once You're Set Up, It's Time to Stock the Shelves

20151 - Christmas Slate
20035 - Seahorse Canvas

Once your Google My Business is set up and your website is secure, it's time to make sure your shelves will be full of trending home decor products.

How ELC Designs Group Supports Our Retail Partners

20076 - Lightouse Canvas
20184 - Fire Truck Christmas Canvas

ELC Designs Group's mission is to bring new and exciting designs to our customers.  

All aspects of our business -  design, photography and on time order delivery, are key to us providing the highest quality in the industry to our clients. 

 We create amazing products in a variety of trending themes:

20052 - Coastal Tabletop Canvas

Looking to Increase Store Profits?

Get access to our online store and catalog full of trending home decor designs.

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