5 Tips for Choosing Highly Profitable Home Decor Products to Sell

Products to sell

When you are choosing profitable home décor products to sell; the first step is knowing where to begin.

Becky Gainer, one of our amazing sales representatives with over 25 years in the gift and home décor industry and has provided an amazing and impressive outlook on these 5 steps.

A great quote from Becky  is, “Engage and Listen”.

Engage and Listen to Know Your Market and Customers

Engage and Listen

We have suggested in other articles and blogs about using online resources such as Google Trends, industry magazines, Pinterest to see what trends are ranking.  However…

Your greatest resource are the customers that come into your store. You need to engage with them regularly to get the pulse of your local market.

Do more than just say “Hi, what are you looking for today?”.  Instead, ask open ended questions that get them talking. “What kinds of décor do you trend towards in your home?”, “What color themes have you noticed lately or are planning to use”?  Use the words that are comfortable to you.  Just make sure they can’t answer with just a “yes or no”.

Afterwards, truly listen to them.  Don’t just jump to sales pitch on a product you are thinking about that gets triggered by a word they say.  Listen deeply. Put their needs first.

Later, write it down somewhere.  By regularly speaking with your customers, you’ll see trends in their answers which will guide you in your planning.

Find a Sales Partner That Is Passionate Towards Your Success

sales partner

Find that magical sales representative that is driven to see you succeed.

You’ve done the research and engaged with your customers as we discussed above but you still need more information to make profitable purchasing decisions. 

You’ve “seen the trees” but now you need someone that “sees the forest”.

This where a great sales representative can supercharge your sales margins.  Usually your sales rep also patrons your store. She can suggest valuable add on items and recommend merchandising ideas to help drive sales .

Remember to utilize your sales representative to:

  • Visit your store and work any new merchandising programs or show you and of the new top selling products  that are key items in their portfolio of products.
  • Notify you when your line is having a sale or introducing new products.

Your sales representative is a wealth of information from upcoming trends and can target top selling items to make your profits soar!

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Core Pricing Metrics – Don’t Get Hung Up on Freight Percentages

cost metrics

You may find that amazing group of products that your customer base is going to love with the benefit of an above average profit margin for you.

You need to take freight costs into consideration but look at your margins from the total cost of the product when considering the profitability.

How Can You Merchandise It?

Three very important points for a successful product launch from Becky.

  • “How will it display?
  • “Can you cross sell?”
  • “Will it actually ship to you?”

Before cutting that purchase order have in mind the three questions above: 

Write down how and where you plan to display the items in your store.  How can these items be merchandised together to encourage multi purchases from the product line and not just an individual piece.

Most importantly, choose a vendor that will a ship.  You don’t want to be stuck with a display that you find out at the last minute won’t have its centrepiece because you were never notified wasn’t coming.

These merchandising points can be managed by finding a  sales representative that will correctly answer all of  those question above in “Finding a  sales partner That is Passionate…” section.

Benefits of Pre-Ordering

Planning out your upcoming seasons is essential and with that come Pre-Ordering.  Last minute buying and shipping into your store will create chaos for you and your staff.  Plus you won’t have time to market you items and create that “anticipation for what’s coming” with your customers.


Pro-Tip from Becky

“Don’t over order just to get dating, a slight tiny discount, or current special”.  That benefit can quickly turn into a nightmare if your burdened by extra inventory that isn’t moving.

Avoid massive case count items that will clog up your backroom.  An extra 30 days dating turns into cash flow negative as the product continues to sit.

Pre-ordering means careful planning to maximize your margins.

If you are unsure of your projections, go over them with your sales representative. Your Sales Representative can provide you guidance based on past buying patterns and formulas other similar retailers may use.

In summary, when choosing products to sell

  • Identify trends for the upcoming season
  • Find people that have a passion towards your success
  • Keep an eye on final costs when planning upcoming lines
  • Plan you buying with your displays and cross merchandising in mind
  • Pre-Order and plan

About Becky

Becky Gainer - Giftrunner

Becky Gainer has been in the gift and home décor industry for 25+ years. In her own words,

“I work with my customers to design their space, pull product together and make winning displays.

By partnering with ELC Designs Group makes it easy. They have themed their line to work together. Our designers are proven in the industry and are extremely talented .

I look at myself as a partner in sales. I want to be the trusted person my customers asks questions of and feels comfortable to share their ups  and downs.

Sometimes,  just a tweak of a display will turn the sales around for that product . I have learned to listen to what my customers are saying and try to help make the best choices for their location.“

Becky covers Southwestern Ohio and is always ready to help her retail partners reach new sales heights! To contact Becky, please email her at: Giftrunner39@hotmail.com.

Products to Sell

Looking to Increase Store Profits?

Get access to our online store and catalog full of trending home decor designs.

ELC Designs Group Vol. 1