Unique Wholesale Coastal Theme Decor for Retailers in 2021

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Last updated on March 11, 2021

Coastal and Nautical Decor

Our coastal theme decor is high quality, handmade, and perfect for coastal retailers. If you are looking to differentiate yourself from the competition combine our nautical, beach, and ocean décor lines into a coastal theme.

A Great Day at the Beach Decor

We all love the warm sunshine and cool breezes of a day at the beach.  Holding on to those feelings is why your customers come into your shop.  They want to recreate that favorite day in their home.  

Maybe they found an amazing seashell or took photos of shorebirds running along the water’s edge where the waves break.  We carry coastal wall art and signs that will decorate their home with these memories in mind.

Reliving Favorite Memories with Ocean Décor

There is something special and beautiful about watching sea turtles moving through the deep ocean or a seahorse dancing along the coral.

Top selling ocean décor, like our seahorse and sea turtle wall signs, will bring thoughts of that ocean trip into your customers’ homes.

A Drive Along the Coast and Nautical Decor

A drive along the coast is one of life's greatest pleasures. The warm ocean breeze and fresh air make it a perfect getaway for friends, family or even to just clear your head. Whether you're headed north or south along the shore - the beach is right there! As you travel down coastal highways, your eyes spot a lighthouse ahead or pass by a beautiful sailboat. 

Capture these moments for your customers with our nautical line, using the same warm blue colors found in our coastal decor line. Lighthouse gifts , sailboat dreamscapes or white and blue tabletop anchor blocks with words of encouragement will capture shopper’s attention.

20079 - Sailboat Dreamscape

A touch of our mermaid décor will make your coastal theme magical

The sunlight that shines through the sea grass is a mystical experience for most people. Young and old alike look for a glimpse of a mermaid’s tail as she plays with the sea creatures hidden all around.

Mermaids will always hold a special place in your customer’s heart and the collector is looking for the next beautiful mermaid to add to their home.  Our unique mermaid line can be a fun extension to your core coastal theme décor line.  From slates, to canvas, to soft pillows, we carry a range of décor for all rooms in the house.

A Home Decor Supplier That Understands Retail

Providing high quality, uniquely designed wholesale home decor for retailers is our mission.  Our salespeople have owned stores, were buyers themselves, or worked in retail for a number of years and they understand a store’s needs.

To help our retail store partners give their customers an amazing shopping experience with a variety of items to choose from, ELC Designs Group has a no minimum policy.

Flexibility for all types of retailers

We also believe in smaller case counts that will not take up a lot of space in a retailer’s backroom and make it easy to distribute for multi store retailers.

Cardboard Box

3 Easy Ways to Order from ELC Designs Group

Ordering with ELC Designs Group could not be easier or more flexible. We have three ways to place your order.

Just a quick reminder. ELC Designs Group is a wholesale home decor supplier and only sells to businesses with a tax id or EIN number.

Speak with a Sales Representative

Sales Representative assist you to order those items that will work amazingly in your store.

One of our knowledgeable sales reps would gladly schedule a face-to-face meeting to with you help to you find those items that will work amazingly well for your store location.

To find a list of reps and schedule a meeting directly with them, click “Meet Our Sales Representatives”.

Ordering Over the Phone

For those that would like to talk with our in house sales reps and walk through our wholesale catalog or to place an order, please call (352) 602-4570 (M-F (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST) or email us at sales@elcdesignsgroup.com and we will call you back to help you order.

Online Ordering

If you prefer the comfort of ordering at your own pace, click the registration button below. Registration only takes a few minutes and once approved you can view our online store and order immediately.

Start Increasing Store Profit Today

Register to  access to our online store and catalog full of trending home decor designs.

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