Wholesale Cabin Decor Now In Stock For Store Owners

In Stock Wholesale Cabin Decor - ELC Designs Group

With summer quickly approaching, customers are bound to be looking for mountain or lake cabin decor. ELC Designs is excited to announce that we now have fun and welcoming cabin decor in stock.

Store owners, get your shelves ready for this line, which will be the most popular yet.

Boost those spring and summer sales with rustic cabin decor, vintage lakehouse decor, or something more modern that will please even the pickiest of buyers.

20204 - Wood Cabin Plaques - ELC Designs Group

Featured Product - Wood Cabin Plaques

Made of aged wood with white lettering, these simple signs lend a natural feel to any lake or mountain cabin. With faint, almost hidden, etchings of the great outdoors, consumers will want all three of these!

Get your store ready for the season by featuring unique, warm decor that is perfect in any area of the cabin.

  • 'Welcome to the Cabin' on the front door
  • 'Cabin Sweet Cabin' in the kitchen
  • 'On Cabin Time' decorating the fireplace mantel
  • Or all three in the living room
  • Or just about anywhere!
20324 - Deer Lake Art - ELC Designs Group

Deer Lake Art

For a more modern look, this artwork spotlights a majestic buck with a stunning background of pine and fir trees, sketches, and beautiful patterns. Perfect as a centerpiece for any wall, buyers will flock to this one.

20217 - Plan an Escape - ELC Designs Group

Plan An Escape

Cut in the shape of a bear, this distinctive piece builds a framework for a black bear decor theme within a lakehouse. The scene is set on a dock overlooking a tranquil lake against a backdrop of trees of various fall colors. Across the water is the sweetest red barn and the words 'Let's escape into the wild' will make you forget the complications of life. You need this in your store to 'wow' your customers.

20195 - Wild and Free Wall Canvas - ELC Designs Group

Wild and Free

Painted on an elegant gray linen background, this black bear declares the news 'Wild and Free in the cabin we'll be!' Behind this lumbering creature, trees, a moon, and stars create a serene scene. Hang this beauty above a fireplace or bed frame and the room is transformed into the great outdoors. Picture this piece in your store along with our entire line of black bear wall art!

20314 - A Forest on a Wreath - ELC Designs Group

A Forest on a Wreath

Wrapped in deer horns, this wreath is the epitome of forest life. Sitting upon the wreath are life-like birds and a cut tree stump is in the center. Mounted on weathered wood shutters, this artwork is a great choice for any room in the house. Imagine these flying off the shelves because that is what will happen when you stock your store with a Forest on a Wreath.

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