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Sometimes a mistake turns out to be GOLD! As was the case when we created this unique wall decor style because of a little miscommunication.

Dreamscape Wall Decor

ELC Designs Group premiered “Dreamscape” to the Atlanta Gift Show in 2019 and it was a hit.

Our Dreamscapes take a beautiful theme-based design and prints it on MDF wood in a shape that matches the art theme. 

Dreamscape themes:

We currently have a Dreamscape option for most of our home décor themes and are adding more each season.


The Nautical Dreamscape takes the shoreline view of the ocean, with tufts of seagrass and waves lapping the shore, and amplifies the nautical feel with a sailboat in the distance and seagulls in the air.  

All of this beauty is printed on the shape of a sailboat.  This piece is a must for any nautical, beach, or coastal retail store and matches perfectly with our other Nautical and Coastal products.

20079 - Sailboat Dreamscape

Cabin & Lake:

In our Cabin & Lake line we have two Dreamscape pieces.  Both are equally fantastic.  The first, Lake, is an image you would see while sitting in your boat catching fish (or just catching up on some much-needed rest and relaxation).  This dreamscape is complete with a cabin set on a waterfront strip of wilderness and is printed on the shape of a fish.

Fish Dreamscape

Cabin has a dreamscape from another point of view.  An image from the viewpoint of standing on the dock looking out over the serene quiet lake, your boat waiting for you to head out and enjoy the peace that is waiting.  All printed on the shape of a bear.

Check out the rest of our Cabin & Lake product line to complete your retail display.


Our top selling Garden image is printed on a butterfly shape.  You have seen our garden image on our catalog cover, our register links, and now you can enjoy seeing this lovely lady every day on your wall.  

This Dreamscape is so beautiful, and just as she is flying away, so will this product fly off your shelves.  Order with any of our Garden line, as this piece will compliment them all in your stores display.


Our Christmas catalog has many sub themes so it only makes sense to have multiple Christmas Dreamscapes.

Vintage Christmas

Printed on a Christmas tree shape is a landscape from a time long past, but you can feel the peace and calm of simpler times, before the hustle and bustle of our technology-based age.  Beautiful hues of red, sparkling snow, and an old timey snowman complete the Vintage Dreamscape. 

Looking for pieces to complement this dreamscape?  Check out our Vintage Christmas blog.


The Farmhouse Dreamscape is a lovely Winter Wonderland with a beautiful red barn nestled in the middle of nature.  All of this printed on the silhouette of a group of evergreen trees.

This Dreamscape mixes right in with our complete Farmhouse Christmas product line.


Our Traditional Christmas line is full of Reds and greens with cardinals, trees, wreaths, and snowmen. The Traditional Dreamscapes are no different.  We currently offer three different Dreamscapes in our Traditional Christmas line. 

A snowman and decorated tree in front of a gazebo, nestled in amongst trees with a curious deer in the background, are printed on a snowflake shape. This comes in two sizes: traditional (25”x22”x.5”) and a small version (12”x10.5”x.5”).

The third Dreamscape is our “Magical Snow Globe Dreamscape”.  This piece features a decorated snowman in a bright red scarf, surrounded by nature’s winter wildlife. 

The Traditional Dreamscapes mix and match very well with our Fantasy, Farmhouse, and White Christmas. This is a perfect theme to add to any display or as a standalone.

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