High Praise for Turtle Decor and Shore Birds Designs

Turtle Decor

For retailers looking to increase their sales this summer, turtle decor is a great idea. Combined with shore birds, it's the perfect coastal theme for your customers.

Searches for turtle decor have increased dramatically over the past few years, and it's a trend that is not slowing down. Google Trends search results are predicting a big rise in turtle interest over the rest of 2021. Shorebirds are also popular for beach themes.

20054 Turtle Decor

Sea Turtle Decor is a top seller for retailers

With sea turtle decor you can create a coastal theme that will attract the right customers to your store and keep them coming back all summer long. The ocean blue and green colors match well with light bright colors for the home.

Our turtle designs come on a variety of different items for your shop. We have pillows, canvas wall art, wooden signs, and slate.

Shore Birds Decor to Supercharge Sales

Last summer our artist Eileen was on the beach photographing shorebirds playing on the beach. Chasing the ocean break back and forth or flying overhead riding the wind currents.

She found a way to capture the magic of shorebirds that she wanted to share with her customers and yours too!

Based on her own photographs she created each artwork to evoke the magic of a shorebird's life.

Shorebirds come in all types from sandpipers to pelicans and everything in between. These designs are perfect for your beach-themed store or home.

The variety of colors available will match any decorating style you have planned this summer.

This original artwork is favorite with both us and our customers. It is sure to be a hit with your store’s customers as well.

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Top Sellers at the Atlanta Gift Mart

The top two selling items from our retailer partners at the Atlanta Gift Show were:

Coastal Turtle Shadow Box

Our sea turtle design was big hit with our retail partners.  They loved the artwork and mentioned that the colors used could combine with products in our nautical or mermaid home décor lines.

20269 Shore bird trio

Canvas wall art showing three assorted shore birds was also a coastal decor favorite.

Creating a Unique Store Experience for Our Customers

As a wholesale distributor of home decor, we constantly research new trends and see how we can incorporate these new themes into existing themes for our customers.

Using the latest color patterns and fresh designs we focus on not only individual product lines but how they can work with other lines so our customers’ stores can create personalized store themes.

Check out "Wholesale Coastal Decor for Retailers 2021" for more of our coastal decor line.

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