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Last updated on January 26, 2021

mermaid decor

Our newest Mermaid Home Decor is sure to catch the eye of anyone passing by.  Customers will love this new classic mermaid and the rest of the mermaid line.

The Most Alluring Mermaid in Home Decor!

Mermaids have been captivating us for centuries with their magical and mysterious legend. Our artist put thought into every detail of the new mermaid line, making them the most exquisite mermaid pieces on the market. 

2021 Mermaid Collection

A great variety of materials

Canvas, wood, and slate….. all so beautiful each will make the perfect addition to any showroom or mermaid home décor theme. 

The Pillows and table top pieces round out the collection for complete mermaid staging capabilities . 

Mermaid Shadowboxes

No matter what your style is we have a shadowbox for you.  Mermaid shadowboxes with clever mermaid sayings or shadowboxes with our beautiful new mermaid trio.  The vibrant colors and distressed wood look great as an accent in any Mermaid or beach themed room.

Combine Mermaid with Nautical and Coastal Decor

Sailboat Wall Decor

Our Mermaid, Nautical, and Coastal Home Décor Lines will create an amazing beach theme when shown together, providing a larger number of product options to help fill your space.

To check out some of our other best selling mermaid decor, Preview Our Mermaid Gifts and Home Décor Retail Line.

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