Introducing Our Brand New Home Decor at the Atlanta Gift Show!

Wholesale Home Decor Atlanta Gift Show

We at ELC Designs Group are excited to introduce our brand new wholesale Home Decor at the upcoming Atlanta Gift Show!  We will be showcasing some of our newest product lines, Mermaid, Coastal, Cabin & Lake and Coastal Christmas.

In addition, we will show some in-stock products and some of our popular Winter and Christmas home decor items. Come visit us at Building 2 Gift, 7th Floor, Unit 730A at the Atlanta Americasmart Show from July 13-19, 2021.

Call (352) 602 4570 to book an appointment via email click the button below.

What's New for Customers in 2022?

We had a great reception for our 2021 home decor lines.  Building on that we added new designs,  including additions to our Mermaid, Coastal and Cabin & Lake home decor lines.

We have designed unique wall art, pillows, shower curtains, canvas, slate, tabletop and more to fill your store shelves and your customer's homes.

20368 - Coastal Christmas Decor

By Your Request, Introducing Coastal Christmas Decor

The number one request from our retailers last show was Coastal Christmas.  You spoke, we listened. Come see our new Coastal Christmas Decorations in Atlanta. They need to be in your stores in early 2022. From wall art to slate and signs, we carry the coastal Christmas decor you requested.  

20373 - Eco-Friendly Dish Cloth Kitchenware

Bringing Our Artist's Amazing Artwork to Kitchenware

Retailers looking to create multiple purchase opportunities for customers in different categories will be delighted to see our new Eco-Friendly Dish Cloths.

The same great wall art your customers love to hang in their homes is now available with our functional kitchen items, sometimes called, "Swedish Dish Clothes". These eco-friendly dishcloths replace up to 17 rolls of paper towels!

 In the past these dishcloths have been nothing more than a simple color design that looked more like a rag that would be tossed in the utility sink.

No longer.

ELC Designs Group is bringing our top-selling designs to market this summer. Now customers can bring decorative artwork into the kitchen as well.

20324 - Wilderness Decor

Expanding Wilderness Home Decor

We have greatly expanded our Wilderness Decor with black bear, deer and fox home accessories.  These designs can be found on our pillows, canvas, slate, and new eco-friendly dish cloths.

20258 - Mermaid Pillows

Check out our Limited Available Now Products on Display

Store sales going crazy, but are you finding it hard to find the stock you need from your home decor wholesale suppliers?

Not only will we be showing our new 2022 product lines at the show, but we will also be showing some of our in-stock products.  Quantities are limited and will sell out quickly, so come early to restock your store shelves.

Available Now Line Currently Includes:

  • Mermaid Gifts
  • Beach Decor
  • Garden Decor
  • Butterfly Decor
  • Cabin & Lake
  • Coastal Decor
  • Nautical Decor
Christmas Decor Dremscape

Last Minute Christmas Decor and Winter Art for Your Shop?

Are you still looking for Christmas decor or winter art for your store?

We will be showcasing a selection of these products, available for 2021, at the Atlanta Gift Show. These items, like our Available Now List, are limited to a first-come basis and will sell out fast.

If you cannot make it to the show we also have our items online through our website. Click the registration button at the bottom of the page to view the full line.

Christmas and Winter items are shipping out in Mid-September from our Atlanta distribution center.

20351 -Heron Coastal Decor

Pre-Order Your Wholesale Home Decor for 2022

2021 has taught every retailer that planning ahead for your store is essential. At ELC Designs Group we sell via pre-order. Come to the Americasmart show in Atlanta to look and touch the quality of our new wholesale coastal decor, beach decor and other new lines so you can plan ahead.

If you are planning to come to Atlanta and would like a personalized walkthrough of our complete line, call (352) 602 4570 to book an appointment via email click the button below.

Americasmart logo

New to the Atlanta Merchandising Mart?

Looking to discover new vendors at the Atlanta Merchandise Mart?  This show is a wholesale home decor and gift show and you will need to register. 

Head over to the show site to prepare ahead of time and skip the long lines on the first day of the show.

If you are interested in learning more about ELC Designs Group, please click "ELC Designs Group: A Leader in the Wholesale Home Decor and Gift Industry."

Looking to get a head start or need to restock your shelves now?

3 Easy Ways to Order Home Decor Wholesale from ELC Designs Group

Ordering with ELC Designs Group could not be easier or more flexible. We have three ways to place your order.

Just a quick reminder. ELC Designs Group is a wholesale home decor supplier and only sells to businesses with a tax id or EIN number.

Sales representatives to order those items that will work amazingly in your store

One of our knowledgeable sales reps would gladly schedule a face-to-face meeting to assist you to find those items that will work amazingly well for your store location.

To find a list of reps and schedule a meeting directly with them, click “Meet Our Sales Representatives”.

Ordering Over the Phone

For those that would like to talk with our in house sales reps and walk through our wholesale catalog or to place an order, please call (352) 602-4570 (M-F (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM) or email us at and we will call you back to help you order.

Online Ordering

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