Wholesale Mermaid Wall Decor to boost retail store sales

Wholesale Mermaid Wall Decor

Mermaids are a popular subject for decor, and you can tap into that demand by stocking your stores with wholesale mermaid wall decor. Add some personality to your store and boost sales with our unique mermaid designs.

Mermaid wall art comes in many different styles, so you're sure to find something that will appeal to your customers. Plus, it's a great way to create a unique shopping experience that sets your store apart from the competition. So don't wait – start browsing our selection of mermaid wall decor today!

Variety in Mermaid Wall Art

ELC Designs Mermaid selection has a variety of different art styles giving your store an option that will appeal to every mermaid lover.

Our newest addition to the mermaid collection is as vintage or victorian mermaid look. Beautiful shades of turquoise and greens in an underwater setting makes this mermaid stand out in a sea of mermaids.

Or you can go with the more traditional mermaid of bright vibrant colors and a more modern look to her.

Or you go with all of the mermaid designs as they compliment each other so well.

Mermaid Wall Decor Materials

Mermaid Wall Decor

We also have a wide variety of Mermaid Wall Decor materials.

Lighted Canvas are a great addition to the mermaid enthusiasts living room or bedroom. All the beautiful designs on a light weight and battery operated giving them the ability to be hung anywhere.

Slates are always a top seller for our retail customers and the mermaid line is no different. The beautiful mermaid designs you love packaged in small quantities for light weight shipping.

Another sales topper is the new Tin Signs.  The same beautiful artwork on a thin tin signs.  You can read more about our Tin Sign Product line here.

Mermaid Tin Sign

Mermaid & Coastal go hand in hand

Mermaid Wall Decor
20329 - Canvas Wall Art

Combining  the Mermaid Line with our Coastal Line will fill up your shop shelves with some of the hottest pieces on the market.  Both have similar color palettes so they display very well together giving your shop the look that beach goers will love!

Check out our Coastal line here.

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