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mermaid decor

Mermaids have been captivating us for centuries with their magical and mysterious legend. Our artist put thought into every detail of our new mermaid home decor, making them the most exquisite mermaid pieces on the market. 

Ever since the mermaid trend started, people have been going crazy for mermaid-themed home decor. This is because it can go in many rooms of your house and be used for a variety of different purposes. Find out what makes our mermaid home decor so special and how it could potentially make your customers love you more.

2021 Mermaid Collection

What Rooms Can Mermaid Home Decor Be Placed in?

Mermaid decorations will fit into any room of your house! They can be placed in the living room, bathroom, and bedroom. You can even add mermaids to the dining room dining area or to decorate your sunroom. The options are endless when it comes to mermaid home decor.

You customers can create a mermaid themed bathroom using memaid wall art, mermaid shower curtains, and shadowboxes.

We want you to feel as though our products will live up to every ounce of desired use you may have for them so we offer many different types of materials to match your customers. 

20249 - Mermaid Shower Curtain

Mermaid Shower Curtains

We carry several different mermaid shower curtains in a variety of colors and styles. Each design uses accents of natural blue, green, and white foam of the sea.

Add our high-quality shower curtains to your store line. They can be used not only in the bathroom but also as a backdrop for bloggers or to liven up your store changing room curtain.

These curtains are 100% polyester with dye sublimation printing. So they are mildew resistant, quick-drying, and machine washable.

At 72" x 72" our curtains work with most standard bathtubs.

Mermaid sayings trio

Mermaid Shadowboxes

No matter what your style is we have a shadowbox for you.  Mermaid shadowboxes with clever mermaid sayings or shadowboxes with our beautiful new mermaid trio.  The vibrant colors and distressed wood look great as an accent in any Mermaid or beach themed room.

A great variety of materials

Canvas, wood, and slate….. all so beautiful each will make the perfect addition to any showroom or mermaid home décor theme.

Soft couch pillows with a variety of mermaid designs for the living room or bedroom. Our pillows come in assorted in small case quantities, individually vacuum sealed to keep dust off and save on shipping.

20253 - Mermaid Wall Art - ELC Designs Group

Mermaid Gifts For Everyone

Our mermaid items make wonderful gifts for any mermaid fan. Give them a mermaid sign or a canvas print to hang on the wall. These unique designs won't be found anywhere else.

20346 - Sea Life Coastal Decor - ELC Designs Group

Combine Mermaid with Sea Turtle and Coastal Decor

Our Mermaid, Sea Turtle, and Coastal home decor lines will create an amazing beach theme when shown together providing a larger number of product options to decorate your shop and customer's homes.

To check out some of our other best selling mermaid decor, Preview Our Mermaid Gifts and Home Décor Retail Line.

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