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Mermaid Gifts and Mermaid Décor capture the dreams and desires of your customers and bring the call of the ocean to their home.

Mermaid Home Decor

Here is small preview of ELC Designs Group mermaid décor that will be offered later this season. 

Our mermaids are represented in two primary lines that can be merchandised by themselves or as a combined larger line.  Both lines use the same color palette, but each line’s craft pieces are unique in style.

Mermaid Styling

ELC Designs Mermaid Block Sign

The first line is the mystical, lifelike style. Each mermaid is carefully detailed. Her hair blows gently in the ocean breeze, her eyes have a soft gaze along with details like every sparkle of her jewellery and stars twinkling at night.

Our second style is a silhouette or fun bold line and sayings.  The designs are simpler and the colors will work in any room of the house.

Both styles can be displayed on their own but combined they create a complete line that will grab the attention of shoppers. The shoppers can create a unique look in their home, perhaps creating a mermaid bedroom or by adding mermaid bathroom accessories to the home.

Mermaid Room Ideas

Materials used include wood, tin, canvas and ceramic. The pieces will blend with a variety of styles and colors in any room. Product types include wall art, tabletop pieces and containers, all core offerings that are desired by our retailers’ customers.

You don’t need to be on the beach to enjoy the call of the ocean.  Bring the ocean into your home no matter where you live.

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