What’s Hot in the Home Decor Wholesale Market: Atlanta Gift Show

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The home decor wholesale market is always evolving, and the Atlanta Gift Show always lets us showcase a new selection of home decor products for our customers.

Some big hits in home decor this year came from our coastal home decor line (sea turtles), cabin and lake home decor line (black bears) and our eco-friendly Swedish dishcloths.

We are excited about these new products for 2022! For more information on our top-selling items, read on.

What trended in Our Coastal Theme Decor in Atlanta?

Sea turtles were the big stand-out for the coastal theme in Atlanta. They were a hit with buyers and retailers, who loved our variety of products - shower curtains, wall art, Eco-Friendly Swedish dishcloths and more!

Sea Turtle Decor Shower Curtain - ELC Designs Group

The two biggest sellers were the Sea Turtle Welcome Sign (pictured the top of the blog) and the sea turtle shower curtain.

Coastal Decor - Shorebird - ELC Designs Group

Coastal Decor Shorebird Art Continues to Sell Well

Additionally, our new watercolor shorebird collection drew a lot of attention. The Heron took the top spot in shorebird sales. This new line is an extension of this year's very successful shorebirds collection. Add a touch of nature to your displays with these items.

Coastal Christmas Decorations - ELC Designs Group

Coastal Christmas Decorations a Welcome Surprise

Displayed at the entrance to our showroom at the Atlanta Gift Show was our coastal Christmas line. From the lighted canvas centerpiece to the signs and slates, it was a big hit with buyers!

To see more of our Coastal Christmas line, click "Introducing Our New Line of Coastal Christmas Decorations for 2022".

Swedish Dishcloths - Black Bear - ELC Designs Group

Buyers Love Our Swedish Dishcloths

Buyers looking for an eco-friendly product to sell in the shops loved that these cloths. They are 100% biodegradable and can be placed on a shelf for display or hung on pegs with the marketing information on the hangtag.

The buyers all commented that, while other home decor vendors also carried these dishcloths, they had never seen such amazing artwork printed on this type of product. To learn more about these great products, check out our blog post "What Are Swedish Dishcloths and Why Your Store Should Carry Them".

Retailers were pleased that they can cross-promote our coastal and wilderness dishcloths with the other items; we design to help drive multiple purchases from shoppers.

Black Bear Wall Decor - ELC Designs Group

Black Bear Wall Decor - Tops in Our Cabin and Lake Line

Buyers loved our black bear slate and canvas wall art. Last year many of our retailer partners asked us to design more cabin and lake products that centered on the black bear. You spoke, we listened, and the results have been great.

To see more, click "Black Bear Wall Decor".

Whitetail Deer Decor - ELC Designs Group

A close second to the Black Bear design was our whitetail deer decor. It had store owners commenting on the amazing realism of the art. With multiple materials and styles to choose from you can create a deer exclusive theme for a store display, or combine it with our black bears or vintage cabin pieces for even more options for your customers.

Wholesale Home Decor Shopping Made Easy

As you begin to plan what merchandise to carry in your retail shop, remember that ELC Designs Group offers a diverse range of products to expand your store's offerings.

Our Spring Lines Include:

As we move out of the challenges of the past 18 months, the home decor wholesale market is ramping up development and offerings for retailers. With so many options we thank you for the opportunity to serve you and are sure to have something perfect for your shop!

Beach Decor Wholesale - ELC Designs Group

Get Your Store Ready for the Spring 2022 Selling Season

ELC Designs Group pre-sells each season and does not carry stock. Make sure you have top-selling products in stock to ensure your store is ready for the Spring 2022 selling season.

September 1, 2021 is the last day we will accept pre-orders.

Shipping for the Spring 2022 season will begin in early February 2022.

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