6 Amazing Home Decor Lines to Explode Sales for 2021

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Looking for new home decor lines and gifts that will have your customers raving about your store to all their friends?

ELC Designs Group is a wholesale home decor company with products that are sure to catch the eye of anyone walking by.  Our inhouse artists are constantly creating new unique designs that your customers are sure to love .  

New 2021 Mermaid 3

What Home Decor Categories will you see?

20079 - Sailboat Wall Decor


ELC Designs Group is home to the "Dreamscape". We take a beautiful design and lay it over a shape unique to that design. A style created unintentionally, but it was an instant hit with our customers. And like some of the best unintentional inventions, our Dreamscape turned out to be our biggest seller.

Spring Canvas

What mediums do we use?

ELC Designs Group has a wide range of mediums we use in all our product lines.  We have slate, canvas, shadowboxes, wood tiles, pillows, shower curtains, and more.  Once you register for our catalog you will have access to all of this.

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