ELC Design Group Features Coastal Bird Decor For The Summer

20345 - Coastal Bird Canvas - ELC Designs Group

Coastal Bird Decor Purchases You Won't 'Egret'!

The kids are out of school and grandma is here to visit to enjoy the warmer weather. Now is the perfect time to stock up on coastal bird decor as your customers flock to redecorate their homes or beach houses.

Shoppers love to remember the feel of warm sand, cool breezes floating through the air, the sound of seagulls, and the waves lapping against the shore. Get your store ready for the season with wholesale home decor from ELC Designs Group.

20345 - Coastal Bird Decor - ELC Designs Group

Life is Better By the Shore

Set on the sandy beach among the sand dollars, starfish, and sea oats, these two sea birds emit the 'Life is Better By the Shore' idea. Highlighted by tranquil turquoise and a weathered wood frame, this piece depicts relaxation and coastal living. Displayed in your store with a variety of shells in glass containers, driftwood, and candles, buyers will get in the mood for sunny days!

With a size of 9" H x 16" W x 1.5" D, 'Life is Better By the Shore' is lovely all by itself with a clean, simple appearance. Combining it with other artwork in our Coastal Theme Decor takes your store to a whole new level of seaworthiness!

20269 - Shorebird Canvas Trio - ELC Designs Group

Shorebirds Canvas Trio

A trio makes this canvas set three times more fun! Painted on thick canvas, the background echoes an under the sea scene. From a conch shell to coral to a starfish, the vivid colors move the eye to the foreground of the image. The foreground is different on each canvas.

Standing regal, looking out to sea, the first image is a Great Blue Heron. The middle canvas catches a sandpiper mid-step on the sand. The third one is a short-legged pelican ready to take flight and steal a fish. Lightly etched calligraphy completes the seafaring feel of this trio.

Hang this set above a stark white sofa accented with seafoam pillows to draw in your upscale clients. The rich colors and expensive art expressions make these pieces look more pricey than they are.

20270 - Shorebirds Pillow - ELC Designs Group

Shorebirds Pillows

Mix and match these Shorebird Pillows with their exact replicas, the Shorebird Canvas Trio above. Made from polyester and stuffed with foam, the Shorebird Pillows feature sea blue piping around the edges. You can expect droves of buyers to want these artistically inspired and detailed pillows. A case pack is 6 pieces, so make certain you buy plenty!

20348 - Shorebird Slate - ELC Designs Group

Shorebird Slate

Painted on a slate square, this gorgeous Great Blue Heron sends out a welcome to all! Hanging just outside the front door or in the foyer area, this meticulously created slate is the ultimate in coastal living decor. With a smaller size at 9.5" H x 9.5" W x 0.25" D and a strong leather strap for hanging, your customers are sure to adore this one!

20350 - Brown Shorebirds Canvas - ELC Designs Group

Brown Shorebirds Canvas

Everyone loves sandpipers. You've seen them quickly run up and down the beach and they are reminiscent of childhood trips to the shore. Intricate and nature filled, the canvas depicts two sandpipers on their way to the water. Surrounded by sand, a conch shell, a sanddollar, and starfish, the birds are on the move as the sun shines brightly in the background.

Painted on fine canvas, the image needs no frame or adornment of any kind. Order today to make certain you have the Brown Shorebirds Canvas on hand for all those summer customers.

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