Amaze Your Customers with Our New Christmas Farmhouse Decor

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Our Christmas farmhouse decor will attract and amaze your store's customers. We designed a full line from farmhouse wall signs to tabletop items.

If you love the look of rustic farmhouse products, then look no further. Our new Farmhouse Christmas Decor is sure to be a customer pleaser.

Christmas Farmhouse Decor Centerpiece

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Every store display needs a centerpiece. That one item that just reaches out grabs the attention of a passing customer.

A piece that you can build a line around.

Our in-house designer Eileen created the FH Barn Scene with this in mind. It’s one of our bigger "Dreamscape" pieces at 24" x 27" to pull your customers into the story of the art. The subconscious sees the forest die cut edges while the eyes are drawn to the red barn in the snowy winter scene.

Perhaps the mind then goes to a memory of your childhood.

Or the simple wish we all have to enjoy the stillness and simplicity of walking towards the barn on a winter's day. What vintage treasures are inside?

Farmhouse Christmas Signs to Expand Your Line

All Hearts Come Home For Christmas Wood Sign

Each Farmhouse Christmas sign is a unique design that shares colors and themes to work with the complete line. Our products can be displayed side by side to encourage multiple purchases.

Sawtooth hangers on the back will keep your signs evenly balanced hanging on your wall.

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Rustic Farmhouse Materials

Our Farmhouse Christmas line uses rustic materials to bring the quaint charm of an old farmhouse to the decor.

Signs made with tin and wood, slate with farmhouse prints, weathered and distressed wood signs, plus so much more to round out your Christmas Decorations.

Farmhouse Peace Slate

Create Your Own Unique Line by Adding Vintage Christmas Decorations

3 Vintage Christmas Wood Blocks

Create a unique vintage farmhouse decor line by adding products from our "Vintage Christmas Decorations Line".  ​

You can make a unique display for your store by combining multiple lines into one creative super line.