Lake & Black Bear Cabin Decor – Oh My!!!

Bear Cabin Decor - 20511 - ELC Designs Group

There is no time when cabin and lake decor isn't in season. From the soft spring winds to the cold winter flurries, guests and homeowners enjoy the relaxation and fun to be had in the mountains or by the water.

One of the hottest items is bear cabin decor.

ELC Designs Group features a variety of cabin wall art to make your cabin or lakehouse feel warm and welcoming.

20511 - Curious Visitors Lighted Canvas - ELC Designs Group

Curious Visitors Lighted Canvas

Bears are curious. This adorable lighted canvas shows a mama bear and two babies checking out the front porch of a lakehouse cabin. To add ambiance to any room, hang this over the fireplace or as a centerpiece above a comfy couch. With a size of 18" H x 24" W x 1" D, display this rustic cabin decor where everyone can see it!

20514 - Black Bear Canvas - ELC Designs Group

Black Bear Canvas

Set against a backdrop of greenery is just where this black bear belongs. This canvas is displays a beautiful creature that sparks a feeling of awe when you look at him. Hang it in a game room or above an bed for a great combination.

20515 - Black Bear Sign - ELC Designs Group

Black Bear Sign

Mommy and baby bear say "Welcome to Our Den" on this sweet wood sign. Framed with weathered planks and amazing artwork, hang this mountain cabin decor at an entrance or foyer for the best greeting ever!

20516 - Black Bear Slate - ELC Designs Group

Black Bear Slate

Painted on a fine-grained rock slate, the black bear represents one of the wildest beings alive. The inscription 'Stay Wild' is a reminder to enjoy life to the fullest. This piece accents an alcove or small area at a size of 9" H x 12" W x 0.25" D with a sturdy hanging strap. These make great gifts for family and friends, so purchase plenty!

20517 - Learning to Fish Canvas - ELC Designs Group

Learning to Fish Canvas

As you look at this realistic painting, you can almost hear the rushing water. Mama is teaching these two bear cubs how to catch breakfast, but the babies seem more intent on enjoying the morning swim. An excellent addition to the kitchen or above a doorway, 'Learning to Fish' is sure to be a hit!

20519 - Picnic Bear Tin Sign - ELC Designs Group

Picnic Bear

Well, this bear looks hungry! Sitting at a picnic table with a charming red and white checkered tablecloth, he appears to be waiting for a meal. Captioned 'Don't feed the matter what they tell you,' the lighthearted bear cabin decor design nicely accents a kitchen or dining area. With a vintage camper, Mr. Bear might be waiting awhile unless the visitors inside are mighty brave!

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