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Beautiful Shower Curtains - ELC Designs Group

Looking for a product to drive traffic to your store?  That is why ELC Designs offers immediate shipping on all of our beautiful shower curtains. Made of 100% polyester, machine washable, and versatile, store owners often display these as room dividers, backdrops, and fitting room curtains.

Each shower curtain comes complete with a set of hooks for hanging, is designed with dye-sublimation printing, so the colors stay put and no liner is necessary.

20112 - Twinkling Stars Mermaid Shower Curtain - ELC Designs Group

Twinkling Stars Mermaid Shower Curtain

This vintage mermaid shower curtain stirs the heart. The winsome look on her face makes it feel like she is looking right at you. Sitting on a rock with a stunning ocean and night sky behind her, your customers won't be able to resist! This is perfect for a teen bathroom paired with other pieces from our mermaid collection.

20113 - ELC Designs Group

Swimming Mermaid Shower Curtain

With long flowing hair entwined with seaweed and flowers, this angelic-faced mermaid draws you to all the details. She is extraordinary, from her tiny waist encircled with a seashell belt to her iridescent tail. With an under-the-sea motif, display her near the swimsuits and towels or as a fitting room curtain.

20114 - Seahorse and Coral Shower Curtain - ELC Designs Group

Seahorse and Coral Shower Curtain

Who doesn't love a bright blue and seafoam green seahorse? This dazzling creature floats gracefully under the water, surrounded by coral, starfish, sand dollars, and shells. Customers looking for a coastal look for the bathroom will love this one, so order plenty!

20198 - Cabin Shower Curtain - ELC Designs Group

Cabin Shower Curtain

Clients with mountain cabins will go for this one! With misty morning trees and black and white plaid trim, the Cabin shower curtain makes any cabin bathroom cozy and welcoming. Many customers are set to get ready for a busy season of cabin visitors so order now!

20335 - Ocean Wave Shower Curtain - ELC Designs Group

Ocean Wave Shower Curtain

Cowabunga, dude! A sea turtle just under the surface of an amazing wave - any surfer can relate to this excitement! With bright sunshine gleaming through the water and a background of palm trees, this Ocean Wave shower curtain is popular among beach and surfing lovers alike!

20339 - Hammerhead Shower Curtain - ELC Designs Group

Hammerhead Shower Curtain

Covered by a school of bizarre hammerhead sharks, this shower curtain isn't for the faint of heart. Shark lovers will enjoy this shower curtain so order enough for those 'Jaws' fans (even though Jaws wasn't a hammerhead).

20354 - Sea Turtle Shower Curtain - ELC Designs Group

Sea Turtle Shower Curtain

Swimming gently through the water, this majestic sea turtle is reminiscent of the calm deep below the surface. With tranquil linear ocean blue and seafoam green trim, this shower curtain looks great with any coastal theme.

20362 - Coastal Christmas Shower Curtain - ELC Designs Group

Coastal Christmas Shower Curtain

Get in the Christmas season with this cheery Coastal Christmas shower curtain. Elegant sea glass in hues of blue and green, sand dollars, shells, starfish, and red and aqua Christmas balls hanging from a lovely weathered piece of driftwood make this a welcome addition to the Christmas holidays. Coastal living customers will love this piece for getting in the spirit!

20418 - Snowman Shower Curtain - ELC Designs Group

Snowman Shower Curtain

Meet the snowman family! This whimsical shower curtain features a winter wonderland setting with the cutest snowmen you've ever seen - even the birds love them! For a great way to start the Christmas holiday shopping, arrange this with Christmas towels, soap and tissue holders for a profit-creating display.

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