A New Spin on Cabin Décor that Sells Like Hotcakes!

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Last updated on February 14, 2021

Cabin & Lake Home Decor

The new Cabin Décor line is new and unique. You will not find it anywhere else!  From slate signs, shower curtains, to dreamscapes (a décor style that originated right here at ELC Designs) you can build an entire Cabin & Lake Décor display or find the perfect pieces for your existing retail space.

Can’t go wrong with over $200,000,000 in sales!

None of our product artwork can be found anywhere else because we only use in-house artists for our designs.  Our artists have proven track records. Their work has passed the test of time.

Our lead artist Eileen has created top selling designs that have done over $200,000,000 in wholesale home décor sales. 

And she is now quickly helping retailers like you reach close to half a billion dollars in sales!

Ideas are endless

Our pieces all go together beautifully. You can also select a piece or pieces to design a motif you have in mind.  The possibilities are endless.

Mountain Cabin Décor

Lake Cabin Décor

Cabin Bathroom Décor

3 Easy Ways to Order from ELC Designs Group

Ordering with ELC Designs Group could not be easier or more flexible.  We have three ways to place your order.

Just a quick reminder. ELC Designs Group is a wholesale home decor supplier and only sells to businesses with a tax id or EIN number.

Sales Representative order those items that will work amazingly in your store. 

One of our knowledgeable sales reps would gladly schedule a face-to-face meeting to with you help to you find those items that will work amazingly well for your store location.

To find a list of reps and schedule a meeting directly with them, click “Meet Our Sales Representatives”.

Ordering Over the Phone

For those that would like to talk with our in house sales reps and walk through our wholesale catalog or to place an order, please call (352) 602-4570 (M-F (9:00 AM to 5:00  PM) or email us at sales@elcdesignsgroup.com and we will call you back to help you order.

Online Ordering

If you prefer the comfort of ordering at your own pace, click the registration button below. Registration only takes a few minutes and once approved you can view our online store and order immediately.

Start Increasing Store Profit Today

Register to  access to our online store and catalog full of trending home decor designs.

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