Our Story

Our artists, salespeople, and owners have been in the giftware and home decor industry for over 20 years. 

ELC Designs Group's mission is to bring new and exciting designs to our customers.  From the design, photography to order delivery, we want our clients to be confident products will arrive on time with the highest quality in the industry.

ELC Designs Group Karen

Karen - President of ELC Designs Group

When I started decorating my own house I soon became passionate about creating a home design that provided a feeling of warmth and comfort in my home. Friends asked me to help decorate their homes and recreate the designs I was custom making in my own home.  I decided to take the plunge, develop a business, and create a line of products focused on that sense of warmth and comfort that was so important to me and my friends.

I found others that shared my passion for creativity and together we formed ELC Designs Group LLC. My hobby, creating home décor and designing giftware has become the business I envisioned. I still find time for hobbies. One I really enjoy involves new and different recipes for natural soaps, lotions, creams; I share the recipes on Pinterest.

So important to me, as a mother of a child with Down Syndrome, is the time I dedicate to work with Gigi’s Playhouse and other Down Syndrome awareness groups.  ELC Designs Group donates both time and resources to these amazing charities that provide needed help, support and friendship to the families of children with Down Syndrome.

Chris Folino - CEO of ELC Designs Group

I began working in the Home Décor field over 20 years ago and spent 18 years living overseas. While living in Hong Kong I helped design, source, manufacture and inspect for various U.S. companies in the home décor industry.  

After returning to the U.S. with my family, I put together an amazing team of people who shared my passion for design and customer service to form ELC Designs Group.

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