ELC Designs Group Featured Artist – Mike McNosky

Michael J. McNosky has been an artist since he was able to sit at the kitchen table and hold a pencil. He is self-taught and always learns new things as he creates, refining his techniques and applications. He worked for years as a machinist but in 1997 was able to put his artistic skills to good use in the country giftware industry and has done so since with great success.
Mike McNosky-Bridge At Turtle Creek

He works in many different mediums including wood, metal, clay, drawing, watercolors and other painting techniques. He has created a variety of successful products over his twenty-two year career in the giftware industry.

His paintings are not all watercolors, but watercolor painting has been his passion throughout his creative career. He likes to apply ink and or pencil to his watercolors to define the images even more.

Mike McNosky-"Monday's Mail"

Mike lives in northeast Ohio in Medina County. He finds inspiration from the countryside and the many age old barns and farms that still exist in the area. His favorite landscapes are those that depict an old barn or building in disrepair, no longer used, and past its prime. Whether a farm scene or an old boat decaying  in the weeds along the shore of Lake Erie, he tries to paint these subjects in their present state and convey the beauty they still hold.

Mike McNosky-"Homeward Bound".png

A good friend once told Mike --- "I always see a story in your paintings". No bigger compliment than that!

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