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Are you looking for wholesale gifts and decor? You've come to the right place. Here at ELC Designs Group, we carry a wide variety of home decor that can be shipped out immediately!

We have wall art, pillows, signs and more. Even better - our wholesale home decor no minimum guarantee for our partners.

Available Now Wholesale Home Decor Lines

Looking for products that will drive store sales higher and can be on your shelves in just a couple of days? Try some of these popular product lines:

  • Mermaid Home Decor
  • Coastal Home Decor
  • Beach Decor
  • Nautical Decor
  • Country Garden Decor
  • Cabin Decor
  • Butterfly Home Decor
20261 - Mermaid Home Decor

Add a Touch of Mermaid Home Decor

Mermaids are all the rage these days and we can bring them into your home. Transform any room instantly! We offer everything from mermaid wall art to pillows.

Mermaid decor has never looked so good! Change any space in seconds, one room or an entire house, with unique products such as our mermaid inspirational canvas. Decorate your home with some of the coolest mermaid-themed items available. Mermaids are awesome and so are your store displays with our mermaids on your shelves.

20114 - Coastal Home Decor

Enjoy the Deep Blue Sea with Coastal Home Decor

Enjoy the ocean's vast color palette with coastal home decor. Light blue, turquoise and aquamarine hues adorn our shower curtains, slate decor and signs. Evert corner of your home can have that coastal look you've been dreaming about all year long!

The deep blues found at sea can be used throughout a house with colors like sky-blue or baby-blue. These shades will enliven any room , even on sunny days when fresh air just doesn't cut it anymore! Deep blue accents can fit everywhere, from the kitchen to bedrooms... so go ahead and dive into our selection today for a soothing oasis no matter where you live.

20047 - Beach Decor

Add The Natural Beauty of The Sand and Waves with Beach Decor

The sand is a stark contrast to blue waves as they rush towards shore. The sun reflecting off the waves makes it look like diamonds on the beach.  It's these little vacation  moments that will never fade away and vacation memories are made.

Create these moments in your store with our beach home decor line. We have a whole collection of decor gifts for your customers’ friends or for themselves will let them bring the beach home.

20066 - Nautical Decor

Adventure Awaits with Nautical Home Decor

Nautical Decor is a fun way to bring the feeling of adventure and exploration into your store.

Nautical home decor has become very popular in recent years because people want their homes to have the invigorating, adventurous feel they get when taking an exciting trip on the water or sea. The best part about it? With our décor items your customers can take those feelings home with them.

As your wholesale home decor vendor with no minimums and small case quantities we make it possible to offer a variety of nautical art and accessories in your shop.

20228 - Country Garden Decor

Country Garden Decor for Retail Sales All Summer Long

There is nothing more refreshing than a walk in the country. I find myself daydreaming about rolling hills, green grass, and colorful flowers as soon as summer hits. With our country garden decor you can bring that feeling to your customers with every store visit!

20197 - Cabin Decor

Cabin Decor and Lake Wall Art Bring the Great Outdoors Inside

Discover the  beauty of the great outdoors with our cabin decor and lake wall art. Whether you're looking for a rustic look or a look so attractive it belongs on a postcard, we have everything you need to bring home your favorite memories in style!

Each of our items is a work of art. Your customers will want to spend hours at the store picking out items from our décor lines for every room in the house!

The best part about shopping for wholesale home decor is knowing you are getting an amazing deal on quality products.

20233 - Butterfly Home Decor

Create a colorful display with Butterfly Home Decor

Your space will be brighter with the addition of butterfly house decorations. Choose from a variety of wall decor like painted canvas butterfly art. Create an enchanting atmosphere in your home that is as inviting for guests and loved ones alike.         

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