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children's charities

Why did we choose the children’s charities that focus on special needs children and children that need mental health and wellness support?

I believe people choose to contribute to charities that resonate with something they feel strongly about. They may choose to contribute because they have been impacted, either within their own family or because a friend or acquaintance had been impacted by the issue/problem that is charity’s focus, or they were made aware of that impact in other ways.

ELC Design Group's first steps of support for children’s charities will be the financial and volunteer support to the following charities.

Types of Children’s Charities


Special Needs Children – Downs Syndrome

My daughter Kiera has Downs Syndrome. I have worked with Gigi’s Playhouse in Gainesville, FL for several years through fund raisers and events to support them.

Now we can go a step further in support. I have personally seen the wonderful things Gigi’s does for the families of Downs Syndrome children. ELC Designs Group will use a portion of our proceeds to continue to support Gigi’s Playhouse. They provide social and educational opportunities for Downs Syndrome children and help educate their families.

Mental Health and Wellness

Bullying, both physical and mental, has severe detrimental impact on a child’s future.   Those individuals, and groups that help to heal the mind and body should be fully supported.  As such we will be supporting Sora’s Pinkie Promise a non-profit group overseen by Dr. Erica Zeno of First Stridez Counseling.

Both organizations are great assets to our local community, and we look forward to a long-term relationship with them.

- Karen

children's charities

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