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Last updated on June 5, 2020

wholesale home decor

ELC Designs Group is  a wholesale home decor supplier specializing at the wholesale level. We focus our design, production, marketing and sales on helping our retail and wholesale distributor partners have an amazing customer experience.

We are a supplier that customers can count on to provide innovative trending home décor product lines without the fear that their supplier would compete with them at the retail level.

Home Décor and Gift Product Lines

We currently supply a variety of home décor product lines to fulfil our customers’ needs.

  • Christmas
  • Mermaid
  • Coastal
  • Nautical
  • Cabin and Lake
  • Vintage
  • Inspirational
  • Everyday
Mermaid Decor

We watch the latest market trends in styles and colors to create amazing new designs for our partners.

How Do We Sell?

ELC Designs Group can provide the best value for our clients by pre-selling a product season and shipping out during the related ship window. 

By grouping all our orders into one block, our suppliers are provided with a clear view on overall volume. This allows them to plan properly so orders are completed on time, inspected before shipment and arrive at our warehouse or (depending on order size and pre-arranged agreements) directly to our clients warehouse on time.

We do not purchase extra inventory to hold in our warehouse for reorders. We stay streamlined to keep overhead low and to maximize pricing and value for our customers.

For this year’s order and shipping schedule, click "Upcoming Orders and Shipping Schedule".

Our Sales Channels

Online Storefront

Online Storefront

We know each customer likes to shop for their stores in their own way.

Some of you prefer to shop online at your leisure. Once you are a registered customer our online ordering system can show you each of our new products with the full product details and enlarged photos to show you clearly how all items appear. No need to wait until a tradeshow to see new product lines.

 Catalogs are available online so you can view all the information necessary to create an order. 

Inhouse Sales Representatives

Inhouse Sales Representative

If you prefer to place your order over the phone, our knowledgeable inhouse sales representatives will assist you to place your order. They can also make recommendations on additional cross selling opportunities.

Outside Sales Representatives

Outside sales represenntative

Customers who have the sales volume to work with one of our outside sales representatives to build a full product line, let us know. We will put you in contact with an agent who will help you grow your business. There is no additional cost or price increase if you elect to work with one of our outside representatives.

Our company advocates for top selling products that gives retailers optimum shelf success.

If you are one of the best representatives in the marketplace and wanting to join our team please click "Support for Our Sales Representatives" to learn more.


To see our upcoming tradeshows bookmark our "Upcoming Tradeshows" page for the latest updates.

Our Home Décor Artists

Home Decor Artists

Our artists’ designs are not limited to one style of home décor.  Their  passion is  creating artwork that speaks to the consumer.  Their classic approach, attention to the small details, draws a consumer into the image and taps into a memory associated with the design.  Combined with modern development processes, we make each item feel unique, but produced at scale that allows our retail partners market all our items successfully.

Where is it Made?

This is common question in the industry from retailers. We produce overseas,  as the majority of home décor or giftware suppliers do.

What Separates Us from the Others?

Our attention to detail. 

Every order is inspected and a full quality control report sent to our head office for final approval.  Our vice president of sourcing and manufacturing has over 20 years of on-site experience training overseas suppliers to produce quality products our customers will love.

When we’re not creating and shipping the products we all love, what do we do? 

We Support  Children’s Charities

Children's Charities

We believe in giving back through both funding and our personal time.  The charities we support include Gigi’s Playhouse in Gainesville Florida and Sora’s Pinky Promise.  Our blog post, “Children’s Charities Supported by ELC Designs Group” details our personal connection.

We look forward to helping your business grow.  Click the button below to be added to our mailing list.  

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