Sea Turtle Decor Your Customers Will ‘Turtley’ Fall For This Year!

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Last updated on September 15, 2022

Sea Turtle Decor - ELC Designs Group

Sea turtles, known as marine turtles, nest from March until October. Documentaries depict the hatching of baby sea turtles all at once as they rush to the ocean together. If you have ever witnessed this beautiful scene, you know the magic of it!

It is turtle season and customers love to use sea turtle decor in bathrooms, hallways, living rooms, above mantels and doorways. ELC Designs Group stocks a large number of sea turtle wall art, slates, tabletop pieces, and more to lure your clients.

Check out just a few of the sea turtle decor products below for Spring 2023 pre-book.

Sea Turtle Tins Signs - 20459 - ELC Designs Group

Sea Turtle Tin Signs

A set of three tin signs each with advice from the sea turtles, because who doesn't need advice from everybody's favorite marine animal? Set against a stunning turquoise and sea green background, these graceful creatures depict calm.

Hang these together or separate them - either way, they will sell like hotcakes! The tin material makes them versatile enough for bathroom use or on the wall of a covered porch.

20468 - Coastal Mini Slates - ELC Designs Group

Coastal Mini Slates

Coastal mini slates are great to hang on doorknobs, above the towel rack, or along the edge of open shelving. There are three in the set: a swimming sea turtle, a crabby crab, and a line of seahorses with instructions to 'follow me to the sea'. The theme colors are green, turquoise, and sandy brown. These will make excellent  gifts for house warming parties or to welcome in the start of summer. Order lots of them to be ready for gift buying!

20490 - Lighted Underwater Sea Turtle Canvas

Lighted Underwater Sea Turtle Canvas

Imagine swimming under the sea with sea turtles and sea horses. The ocean floor is littered with starfish, clams, and coral. This true-to-life canvas features lighting to create a magical feel to this sea turtle wall art. Perfect for any room in the house, display this above a bed to call to mind peaceful sleep.

20491 - Sea Turtle Block Signs - ELC Designs Group

Sea Turtle Block Signs

At a size of 6.5 inches square, this trio of sea turtle block signs are great for a bathroom shelf or on the wall. You can almost see the water bubbling and feel the gentle movement of the sea turtle's feet as they push through the water..

20494 - Sea Turtle Wall Rack - ELC Designs Group

Sea Turtle Wall Rack

Hanging inside the front door, bathroom, or in the laundry room, this sea turtle wall rack is a great way to pull together all of your sea turtle decor. Perfect for hanging keys, jewelry, or important items, display this to show its functionality as well as its beauty.

20501 - Crabby Wood Slat Sign - ELC Designs Group

Crabby Wood Slat Sign

Painted on wood slats, this detailed crab is gorgeous in shades of green and turquoise. He is 'Salty, Sandy and Crabby'! Ideal for the bathroom at a smaller size of 12" x 12", Mr. Crabby can hang on the door or over the towel rack. A great housewarming gift, so make sure you order lots of these!

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