Beautiful Mermaid Gifts and Home Decor to Grow Store Sales

Mermaid Gifts and Mermaid Decor capture the dreams and desires of your customers and bring the call of the ocean to their home.Mermaid Home DecorThere’s something special about mermaids that has always captivated the imagination. Maybe it’s their connection to the mysteries of the sea, or their depiction in popular culture as beautiful and alluring

Wholesale Christmas Decorations Shipping Today!

We are very excited to announce that we have wholesale Christmas decorations in stock and shipping immediately. Take advantage of this opportunity and purchase  top-selling items of extra stock before they sell out. If you are looking for wholesale Christmas home decor for your store contact ELC Designs Group.Shipping Wholesale Christmas DecorOur warehouse is shipping orders

Looking for Tin Signs Wholesale? A Wide Selection of Designs for 2022

Looking for in-stock tin signs wholesale? You’ve come to the right place!  ELC Designs Group offers a wide selection of metal signs for you to choose from. Our signs are made of high-quality tin and are individually bubble wrapped and packed in small case packs, making them easy to store and purchase. We have a variety of designs

Beautiful Shower Curtains – Ready for Immediate Shipping

Looking for a product to drive traffic to your store?  That is why ELC Designs offers immediate shipping on all of our beautiful shower curtains. Made of 100% polyester, machine washable, and versatile, store owners often display these as room dividers, backdrops, and fitting room curtains.  Each shower curtain comes complete with a set of

Sea Turtle Decor Your Customers Will ‘Turtley’ Fall For This Year!

Sea turtles, known as marine turtles, nest from March until October. Documentaries depict the hatching of baby sea turtles all at once as they rush to the ocean together. If you have ever witnessed this beautiful scene, you know the magic of it! It is turtle season and customers love to use sea turtle decor in